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Dads wrap
Welcome to my web pages, please take a while to view what rope work I have been doing.
Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelet

Here is a lovely little item I recently found in Dads stored items which is a very intricately made charm bracelet measuring only 5cm in diameter, something no doubt he had seen and thought a good knot tying project!

Rope Covered Lamp Stand
Lamp stand

After attending one of our East Anglian regional meetings for the IGKT I was very kindly given the bottle from which the lamp was made by my good friend who is one of the world's leading authorities on knots and sailors rope work, fellow "Knot Tyer" Des Pawson.

After deciding how to proceed I promptly set about covering it with knot work, the final result can be seen in the picture on the left. The lamp complete with its shade stands 32 inches or 81.28 centimeters in height.

MV Balmoral Bell Pull
MV BalmoralBell Pull

Above is a Bell Pull which I have recently made. I understand it has now been mounted on the ships bell of the MV Balmoral. The MV Balmoral is a ship that is operated by Waverley Excursions that offer cruises around the coast of the UK.

A very interesting site about the MV Balmoral can be viewed here.

MV Balmoral
Sea Anchor
Sea Anchor
Dad with sea anchor

Here you can see the sea anchor that I made for a friend.

The basic principle of the sea anchor is to give stability and anchorage in deep water without the aid of a normal anchor.

Knife and scabbard
Knife and scabbard

This is a knife and scabbard I have just finished covering which I could use in my rope tool kit, handy for having to hand when you are working with rope.

It shows the various possibilities for decorating various objects using rope or cord/string etc.

I have coated the handle/scabbard with diluted wood glue to give it the additional strength and prevent damage when handling the items.

Cromer Lifeboat Museum
Cromer Lifeboat Museum

In 1997 I was asked if I could make some new bow and stern fenders for the old Henry Bloggs lifeboat the "H.F. Bailey" ON777 (1935-45) which is the main attraction at the Cromer Lifeboat Museum (Photo taken in the old museum) on the sea front at Cromer, this I was very happy to do.

The reworking process of the fenders was a time consuming effort although very rewarding. All the materials required were supplied by the museum.

A photograph of the bow fender fitted to the lifeboat can be seen on the left with myself, Donny Abbs (Right) and Richard (Centre).

A photograph of the fitted stern fender can be seen here

Whilst in Cromer it is well worth visiting and touring the new purpose built Henry Blogg Museum which now houses the H.F.Bailey.

The H.F. Bailey is now on the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV).

Tool board for the "Albatros"
Tool Board for the Albatros

This tool board I made was to show the everyday articles used on board ship by seaman when at sea.

It is used for identification purposes on board the Dutch registered cargo ketch "The Albatros" which once sailed out of Wells-Next-The-Sea and was used for charter, training and educational purposes.

St Nicholas Church Knot Board

In 1995 I was asked by our local vicar to make a knot board for the St Nicholas Church in Wells Next The Sea and I was only too happy to oblige, it can be seen here in the photograph hanging on one of the pillars inside the church.

The Wherry Boat "Albion"
The Wherry Boat Albion

On the left is a photograph of a couple of fenders which I made for the Norfolk Wherry Trust that are now used on the Wherry boat "Albion" that sails on the Norfolk Broads.

I was also required to do some work on the rigging wires, which I later went out and fitted to the vessel.

If you have the opportunity to visit the "Albion" it is well worth doing so.

Dads anchor
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